Monitor candidates working compatibility with our new, easy to use timesheet technology. Collect accurate data free from interpretation that can be electronically signed for remote compliance.

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Online Timesheets That Drive Performance

Remove the need for paper Timesheets

Digital Timesheets

Digital timesheets ensure that data collected is accurate and free from interpretation, and electronically approved for compliance.

It's all Online

Digital online timesheets from your mobile app dramatically speed up the process of collecting hours worked from candidates so your agency can stop worrying about paper timesheets

Time is of the Essence

Candidates log their arrival time via the app, add any breaks and when they leave for the day. Everything is collected electronically and distributed to both the agency, candidate and client.


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Approve Quickly

Simple for the candidate to complete throughout the week and reduces the risk of timesheets being completed late.

The candidates electronically submit the timesheet to say its accurate and the client counter-sign the timesheet.

Since everything is online there is no risk of candidates forgetting to get the timesheet signed as it's always available.

Tom Nicholson

Premiere Personnel

Before we had the Mobile Rocket Platform we conducting 15-20 face to face inductions all at once in our premises. Now we do everything remotely through our app saving us so much time.

In this changing world we live in, not seeing a candidate in person, we need to adapt. You know me, I'm the "tight... Yorkshire man" and even I think this offers a value for money solution.

John Stanton

Mynt Recruitment

It was a nightmare having to go on-site and induct all our temp workers. Now we just send them a link to our app, we do everything remotely, which has proved invaluable during COVID

Lee Calvert

Quest Employment

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